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Let's get real for a moment...

It may have been weeks, months or even years that you've been struggling with hives (and probably other annoying or debilitating symptoms), but now they are so bad that you're going insane! 😫

And if you're like any of my other clients,

👨‍⚕️ you're frustrated with doctors pushing meds on you (saying diet doesn't help)

🤯 overwhelmed with the amount of information out there

😓 tired of waiting for more specialists, doing more tests, only to get 🤷‍♀️ and bye-bye 💸

And while you've been trying to figure it out on your own, you realise, you just WISH someone could make this EASY for you!

There really is no need to waste any more time 🕞 on trying to figure it out with Dr Google.

I've got good news!

There is an easier way that will save you time 🕞 and money 💰 AND gift you the true foundations of health for the long-term!


💥The only nutrition program you'll ever need!💥

But it's not just a nutrition program!

It is the first and fastest (but very critical) step that you can take to kiss those MEDS and HIVES goodbye!

If you're serious about getting rid of your hives for good, without having to rely on toxic medications, this is the program for you!

This is the same plan I use for my clients to begin to reverse hives, autoimmune conditions, and rebuild their gut health.

The 30-Day Reboot is my ULTIMATE NUTRITION & LIVER CLEANSE PROGRAM to help you feel more energetic, eliminate puffiness and brain fog, and reduce joint pain, skin issues and more!




🤩 You have the support and mentorship from a functional medicine and nutrition coach, who has been down this road, just like you

🤩 You have expert eyes on your health situation, with my guidance to give you clarity and confidence when it comes to how to navigate the overwhelming world of nutrition

🤩 You get to support your body in the most nourishing way so that it can do what it was designed to do - heal itself

🤩 When you wake up in the mornings you can feel lighter, more energized and so much calmer in your skin

🤩 You can grow your confidence that that you too can get off medications and reverse the hives for the long-term

AND ultimately, you spend less time searching on Dr Google and more time getting back to the things you love - without feeling confused and frustrated - as you continue to integrate these healthy habits into your life

What to expect:

5 weeks of guided nutrition and detox coaching

Week 1: Kick-off call + Phase in

Week 2 & 3: Fast-track to symptom reversal, with options tailored to your desired end result

Week 4: It’s test time! Here’s where we reintroduce certain foods and see which may have been contributing to your symptoms, to get you long-term results

Closing call: to help you establish your long-term strategy

What's included:

⭐Facebook group community

⭐5 x weekly group coaching calls with Mireille

⭐Detox success guide

⭐Physical and emotional wellness guide

⭐Recipe packs with 50+ recipes with options for omnivores or vegan/vegetarians

⭐Shopping lists & suggested meal plans

⭐Lifetime access to recordings & materials (so even if you can't join live, you can do the program in your own time)

Next round starts Tuesday 16 January 2024 with VIP onboarding!

Group calls start Monday 22 January 2024

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