get to the root of your autoimmune or CHRONIC HEALTH ISSUES


YOU'VE DONE AIP... You've tried so many things, but you are still missing pieces of your health puzzle.

Did you know that taking probiotics without fixing your digestion is just wasting your money?

Did you know that H.Pylori is a common cause for so much downstream dysfunction, and often implicated in autoimmune disease?

In order to fix and heal your gut, you need to be working from top to bottom. Inadequate or impaired digestion is one of the main causes of nutrient deficiencies and dysfunction in the body. You can be eating the cleanest diet (like AIP) but you may not be absorbing your nutrients.

The first of the 5R's of the functional medicine approach deals with Removing things that are harming your body. Removing inflammatory foods is one, but you also need to be looking for pathogens such as H.Pylori, other pathogenic bacteria, parasites, or viruses.

The third R (repair) cannot take place if you have these present - doing the right testing and working with a practitioner is the easiest way to 1) find out if you have any of these present and 2) eliminate them, so you can continue to make progress on your health.

let's work on your gut together!

You'll get:

  • Small, group coaching calls, approximately 4-6 sessions
  • Group review of your GI Map
  • Guidance on addressing what comes up on your GI Map test, plus recommended supplements

Estimated timeline and budget:

Order GI Map: +-400 Euros/400 USD available from Nordic Labs or mymedlab (5 days) - Info at

Submission of stool test (takes place on a Monday/Tuesday)

Results arrive within 3-4 weeks

Supplements to address pathogens.

  • H Pylori: approximately USD200 (Matula tea
  • Other pathogens: varied and depending - likely need to be addressed on case-by case basis (may require 1-on-1 work)
  • Probiotics/prebiotics/mucosal lining support (Microbiome Labs) approx. 120 Eur/140 USD ( or

My coaching and guidance: Eur 197

(minimum number of participants, 5)

BONUS: At the end of the group program each will be entitled to a 1-on-1 session with me to discuss your individual next-steps.

This program is for you, if you've already done AIP or some form of elimination diet program, but have not found full relief from your symptoms. Although this program is designed to help you move closer to remission of your symptoms, there may still be other pieces of your puzzle that cannot be addressed in the group setting. For this you may need to consider working with a practitioner on a 1-on-1 basis. I can also refer you to suitable practitioners for your individual needs.

I am so glad I got to work with Mireille. She is passionate about what she does. She really takes time and cares for her clients. I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering from symptoms to speak to Mireille and do her program. ”

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Join us now for the Beta Program!

The discounted beta-program price will not be repeated!

Registration closes on Monday 5th April. We will hold an information session on Thursday 1 April, at 19h30 CET so bring your questions. Details will follow once you register your interest!

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