How I reversed my Chronic Urticaria

...and how you can too! I suffered for many years with hives all over my body, but I when I changed my diet and started giving it what it needed, I managed to reverse them and have been hive-free for over 5 years.

Want to learn the steps to begin to reverse your hives?

Let me teach you what I have learned.

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    Mireille Wagner

    Functional Medicine Health Coach

    Who am I?

    Hi! I'm Mireille and I'm a functional medicine health coach. I'm passionate about educating others about how they can go about reversing their chronic symptoms with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

    What will you learn?

    What functional medicine is and how the approach differs from conventional medicine.

    The underlying mechanism that leads to chronic urticaria and how you can go about calming the hives.

    The steps that I took to find relief and explain why it worked and how you can get started too.